Thursday, March 29, 2012

3/29. Again.

Just finished up tomorrow's post.  I am really happy with how it came out.  It was touch and go for a bit there, but...I'm pretty happy with it now.  Made me laugh a few times.  Especially this part:

Shit cracks me up!!!

Hey, one other thing.  If you guys love me as much as you say you do, would you mind clicking the stumbleupon button at the bottom of each post after you read it?  It looks like this:

I know it's a real pain in the ass, but it would mean sooooo much to me if you took a flippin second out of your "busy" lives and punched that button for your friendly neighborhood jman.  It ain't like I ask you to do anything for me.  Like, I don't for anything.  :)

Spanx!  You know, I tell everyone that I have the best listeners in radio...

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