Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The thing with me is that I have to much too say.  It's true!!!  I can never just put up a picture and say:  well, nothing.  A picture is supposed to speak a thousand words, right? Not with me, apparently.  I don't trust pictures!  I gotta do the talking for them!

What does all this have to do with the rain in Spain?  Well, nothing actually.  Except that I think I'm going to be changing the Completely Random Photo of the Immediate Future series to something else. Some like a "photo essay" series.  Only with a mildly clever name.  Which I don't have one yet.

Why?  Why do you ask?  Why am I doing this to you?  Didn't you read the first paragraph?  I've got a big flippin mouth, too many opinions about what's wrong with the world and unfortunately for all of us, a soapbox big enough to hold my opinionated ass.

Which, conveniently enough, bring us to the first article in this rebranded photo essay series.  It's a sneaky peek!!!

LMAO!!!  Where the hell am I gonna go with this one?!?!?

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