Monday, April 16, 2012


Tell you what...your friendly neighborhood jman is BEAT!!!  tough weekend of spring "throwin-shit-out". man!  i could use another day's worth of sleep!

but, me bitchin isn't why I gathered us together.  got some updates and things we really need to discuss.  like the bride:

You can get a better look at her over at deviantart

Now...the real pressing matters. I know I promise a movie review last week.  Meh...I'm "working" on it.  Sue me, k?  This week, though?  Part 2 of Planet of the Jakes:  Chicken patties. And another Photo essay.  Like that name, btw?  Really clever of me, dontcha think?!?!?  What can I tell ya?  Sue me.

I'll try and get that movie review up this week, too.  Just, please, for the sake of your family, don't hold your breath.


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