Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sunshine Blogger award

So, wow!  Writer D. G.  Torrens choose your friendly neighborhood jman for the Sunshine Blogger award!  It's funny. When I get picked for these things, the first thing I ask myself is:  Me?  Have you read my blog???  You know the stupid stuff I write about!?!?

But, I know she has.  Dawn's been a big supporter and reader of my stuff.  Check out her blog My Book and I... for more about her and the books she's written.

The “rules” of the Sunshine Blogger award are to answer the following ten questions.  I've had to change/adapt things a bit.  Cause, you know...I'm me.  :)

1. Favorite colour – Hmmm...Black.  No red.  No blue.  Call it a 3 way tie?

2. Favorite Animal – Bacon.  Nononono.  I kid.  I kid.  I like dogs.  As a pet, not to eat.

3. Favorite Number – 7

4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink – water

5. Facebook or Twitter – You kidding?  How is this even a choice?  Twitter, by far.

6. My passion – I think it's this whole blog-thing I've created.  The writing/drawing thing I've been working on for...well, most of my life.  As it turns out.

7. Getting or Giving Presents – Giving.  No one gets me the right stuff, anyway.  I'd rather just give myself the presents.  :)

8. Favorite Pattern – the one where I've constantly got to tell my boys to get buckled when they get in the car?

9. Favorite Day of the Week – Saturday

10. Favorite Flower – I really don't have an answer for this, either.  How about I give you my favorite song, instead?  Everlong by the Foo Fighters.  Great song.

The other duty of the recipient of the Sunshine Blogger award is to pass the honor along. And I do so to Paula Danner. A blogger/writer extraordinaire.  She writes for several blogs including Looking for the Sweet Spot and Denimdebutante (which, yes, i do check out.  if only for the gratuitous butt shots.  c'mon.  don't give me that.  you look to!).  Check her out...

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for the shout out and recognition! I can't wait to work on my questions and pass the honor along! Oh, and I just knew you were in it for the butt shots! lol!!